Alternatives to Grocery Shopping: CSAs

7 thoughts on “Alternatives to Grocery Shopping: CSAs”

  1. Great post! I run a CSA and I’m so glad to see people sharing and educating others about the benefits of a CSA. As a farmer, this method is so helpful and beneficial to our operation. I love my CSA customers and want to provide only the best for them! Hope you enjoy your CSA season this year!


  2. Ooh, this brings back good memories. We participated in a CSA off and on for a few years. It was really instrumental in exposing us to many new fruits and veggies. We don’t do them now because I just don’t have enough time to be so creative in the kitchen and do the prep work, but we very well might go back to one in the future when I don’t have as many littles around.


  3. I have always thought this is a great idea, but wasn’t sure exactly what all was involved, thank you for all the great information!


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